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First Squad: The Moment of Truth



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Action, Historical, Super Power, Supernatural, Military


During the winter of 1941-42, World War II comes to a temporary standstill on the Eastern Front - yet both Nazi and Soviet forces are putting everything they have to turn the tide in their favor. Meanwhile, Ahnenerbe, a Nazi occult organization within the SS, calculates that the next "Moment of Truth" (a rare moment when actions of a single person can determine the outcome of an event, a battle, or even the entire war) is approaching. The man is some anonymous Soviet officer and unless he is eliminated, his actions are going to bring success to a local Soviet offensive. To eliminate him, spiritualists of Ahnenerbe summon the long-dead Baron Von Wolff back from the dead. To counter this plan, the special occult branch of the Soviet Intelligence, the 6th Division, deploys its best agent - a 14-year-old esper girl named Nadya, the only survivor from the Special Operations Unit of 6th Division - the "First Squad".