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Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life, Seinen


Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life, Seinen Hitohira revolves around a group of young high school students, the primary characters of which are either in the Drama Club or in the much smaller Drama Research Society. At the center is the main heroine Mugi Asai, a shy girl entering her first year of high school. Early in the year, Mugi is unsure on what clubs she should join, but is soon spotted by the Drama Research Society\'s president Nono Ichinose after she hears Mugi\'s astonishingly loud voice. Nono pressures Mugi into joining the club and eventually Mugi cripples under the pressure and joins. At first Mugi did not think it was going to be so bad, but she eventually learns that the Drama Research Society is going to put on two plays this year, and Mugi must act in both plays in several roles due to the low number of club members. Over time, Mugi\'s personality changes due to the club members\' influence on her.